Sara Korshøj Christensen
Sara Korshøj Christensen, 9 to 6 - Carpet Diem, 2023, Loop pile tuft, 152 x 198 cm
Sara Korshøj Christensen, Going Metal - Cherish, 2023, Painted Steel, variable size, Not available
Sara Korshøj Christensen, Going Metal - Bærekraft III, 2023, Painted steel, 138 x 240 x 6 cm
Sara Korshøj Christensen, Going Metal - Boomerang, 2022, Painted steel, 60 x 117 x 1 cm, Not available
Sara Korshøj Christensen, Pass Time, 2023, Applique in molton, 300 x 300 cm
Sara Korshøj Christensen, Going Metal - It´s too late to tell you, 2023, Painted steel, 135 x 70 x 22 cm

Short bio

Sara Korshøj Christensen work with a variety of media, depending on the specific demands or requirements of each project. Her works often derive from experiences in everyday life. The physical materials she works with are chosen because they are interesting in terms of their potential for expansion and mutability. The artist attempt to question the universal and existential through the familiar, without looking for concrete answers and solutions. She generally feel challenged by composition; mostly due to the fact that the act of choosing something results in other options not being realized. Sara Korshøj Christensen find the space between objects, both abstract and physical, intriguing, and it informs her work with its different combinations of materials, meaning and form. Most of her works have a humoristic angle, sometimes involving puns or wordplays, but with slightly uncomfortable undertones.