Christian Tony Norum
I Have Been Living For Thousands Of Years, 2015/16, oil on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, not available
Untitled framework of a message, oil and pencil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm, 2017, not available
Humanity in an umbrella, oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm, 2017
Sublime hidden treasures, oil and house paint on canvas, 180 x 300 cm, 2017
Tune in the ride, its melting letters of the wind manifested in colours and soul, 2016 - 17, oil and permanent marker on canvas, 290 x 210 cm
Bed blanket after a hero´s sleep, 2016 - 2017,
oil on PVC, 148 x 102 cm, mounted on canvas, 190 x 145 cm
The handshake master of freezing time, 2017, oil on glass and found material, 96 x 75 cm, not available
Thumbs up dimensions vice, 2017, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Christian Tony Norum

Short bio

Norum has exhibited and performed at institutions and galleries like The Munch Museum in Oslo, Kunstnerforbundet Oslo, Kunstverein GLStrand (Copenhagen), Manifesta 11. Zurich, UKS, young artist society (Oslo), Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival (Papay Westray, Orkney Islands and Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong), Kunsthall Oslo, The National Autumn Exhibition at Oslo S (Oslo), Munch’s Ekely (Oslo), Kittelsens House/ 1857 gallery (Hvitsten/Oslo/Roma/Zurich), Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo), House of Artists (Oslo), Berlin biennale, National gallery of Oslo, The Nationalmuseum Of Contemporary Art (Oslo), NoPlace (Oslo), Malmö Konsthall (Malmö), MACRO Museum/ curated by Kaleidoscope Magazine,Roma Contemporary Arena. Macro Museum, Macro Testaccio, (Roma), MOMA PS1 (New York), Tidens Krav (Oslo), 18th street Art Center (LA) and Gavu Cheb Museum (Praha).