Between Midnight and Morningside

All the World Conspires, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 256,5 x 228,5 cm
The Grid Of Schock Stars, 2005, mixed media on canvas 188 x 274 cm
Growth In The Deep Forest For I Am, ink and watercolor on paper, 178 x 148,5 cm Not available
Headles Horses, mixed media on canvas, 220 x 285 cm
S N A F U, mixed media on canvas, 242 x 336 cm Not available
The Bellringer To The Ancient Mariners, 2004, mixed media on canvas, 250 x 310 cm Not available
The Monks And The Dreams, 2005, mixed media on canvas 183 x 340 cm
The Underworld Danced At The Chaos, 2005, mixed media on canvas 219,5 x 195,5 cm