TEFAF Maastricht 2017, March 10-19´th 2017

Press release

Selected Monumental Woodcuts / Solo Show
The artist will be present.

Most immediately compelling with Gertsch’s works is their sheer size – some of the woodcuts measure over 600 cm in length and 400 cm in height.
Galleri K will have a rotating show with ten woodcuts in total including 3 variations of his last work “Winter”.

Each woodcut is unique, printed with a specific colour or a combination of up to nine colours (Triptych Schwarzwasser).

Gertsch took a break from painting in 1986 to master the woodcut printmaking technique. In addition to the obvious detailed work in cutting the wooden plates, Gertsch’s graphic prints entail time-consuming mixing and color testing of binder and mineral pigments especially imported from Japan, and thorough testing of hand-made Japan paper for the best possible transfer of color from the print plates to the finished result.

To receive the catalogue published on the occasion with text by Roland Mönig “Time in the Images” please contact the gallery.